Thursday, 16 April 2015

Quilt Panels

I have been embroidering and making some quilt panels for an quilt art installation organised by Eva Abbinga. There is some information about the project here. Eva supplied each of the makers with a drawing/pattern design and fabrics that she had dyed. Some also had an embroidered square, however for two of the panels I stitched my own.

Each of the panels has a name to represent the convict women transported on the Rajah. This one is for Elizabeth Alexander.

 These drawings/patterns were to show how she wanted the panels constructed.

The first embroidered square can be read with a Q reader, apparaently if you scan the embroidery it will take you to some information about the convict woman that this square represents.

I was also asked to stitch another piece, this one represents the ship's cat and of course my love of all things feline.

The ship's cat was placed in a panel for Ann Brown

and then I made up another panel for Sarah

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