Sunday, 19 April 2015

Knitting Gifts

I have a reputation - crafty things that people no longer want seem to come my way. Sometimes I keep them, mostly, I act as clearing house and find new and appreciative homes.

Sometimes things are just for me.

 I am a one of those mad cat ladies, everyone who knows me understands and from time time add to my collection of cat related objects.

Recently, Michelle, a friend from knitting group made this for me. It will fit in very well with the collection of cat things that are scattered throughout the house and garden.

She saw the wool and it reminded her of my cat, Lily.

I also had this lovely handknitted cardigan made for me by Maureen, a patient at the medical centre that I work at. It is a lovely soft grey, unfortunately, the photograph does not show the true colour. Perfect for Winter and will go with all my black clothes.

I am very thankful for the generousity of my knitting friends and am lucky to be part of such a kind and talented group of knitters.

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