Wednesday, 25 March 2015


I love that feeling that comes from belonging to community that gives, shares and swaps. This year our vegetable gardens and fruit trees have been really bountiful.  I have swapped, preserved and given away much of the surplus and I am not alone. Swapping takes place in the most unlikely of places.

First up, my local coffee haunt. Some homemade chilli jam traded for my morning coffee(s).When you go to the same place every day you start to get know other customers, exchange pleasantries, talk about mutual interests and then the swapping occurs. It is quite an amusing sight as we all pullout our various jars and bottles and offer up our goodies.

Homemade jams from Mark.

Helena's relish and very special honey from her bees.

I have also been given bags of lemons,  passionfruit, fresh eggs and a very big bag of fresh produce which was most welcome as my garden is slowing down.

Nicole, my hairdresser offered fresh eggs, more honey and her own beautiful beeswax lip balms.

I am lucky to have a part time job in a small medical clinic. It is a clinic  that has time to talk to patients,  they too are 'givers and swappers' and are very much like my coffee shop friends. The recepyion desk frequently has a please take sign on various baskets of produce. From Tatiana,  a jar of her just made a still warm beetroot relish, John came with a huge bunch of proteas from his garden and Ron with some potatoes from his.

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  1. I agree Kerry. I am about to cook up some of my tomatoes and on my bench I have figs and pears which have been donated.
    Soon I will have more quinces than I know what to do with. Want some?