Sunday, 1 March 2015

More from the Cauldron

My son refers to my dyeing activities as playing with the cauldron, perhaps he is referencing Macbeth and the witches. There was a little get together last weekend with Ange and Katey. We bundled and cooked, we talked, we ate, we showed patience and we left the bundles to cure. A week later and I think enough patience has been shown. Unwrapping the bundles is always exciting, you never know what they will be like and whilst they can all be similar they are never identical.

These are my latest silk scarves.

And this is some ovedyed silk from a previous time, I wasn't happy with the silk so rebundled and added it to the cauldron. This is another thing that I love about this process.

Another silk scarf, it has a heavy linen like texture, trying for a marbled look rather than strong ecoprinted shapes - a bit like forSanderson linen, for those who can remember it.

These are some closups of some ecoprinted coarse woollen fabric that I am intending to use for some embroidery. The colours are quite subtle and delicate and should be perfect for some tone on tone (not quite whitework) embroidery.

I always like the string marks that are at the end of a bundle, the string acting as a resist and the fabric does not dye.

The other side, much more subtle and maybe used for the tone on tone embroidery

Some work from my friend Ange

And from Pauline, who had done some dyeing with me some time ago, purple carrots and onion skins on woollen fabric.


  1. I like the dyeing. Look forward to seeing it somewhere. Are you going to the Grampians?

  2. These are soooo lovely - and they smell good too!