Saturday, 14 February 2015

Love Is In The Air

A celebration of the heart. It pops up everywhere on Valentine's day.

In my sewing room, not that these beautiful red velvet pin cushions will ever be used to house the pins.

At morning coffee

Ray was more broken hearted, heavy rain prevented him from playing golf.

In my jewllery box,
The latest piece of turquoise

and a cute blown glass pendant.

At afternoon tea.

A gluten free treat for friends. Mocha creams - delicious chocolate and almond biscuits with coffee and white chocolate filling. Stay tuned the recipe is coming.

And in unlilely places

In the bathroom, a glass cloche and stand  provides the ideal environment for the airplant nestled in a sea urchin.

Heart shaped rocks collected on beach walks

And because Love is in the Air  I will give these heart shaped gifts to our dinner hosts tonight.

Pins for Emma

and wine and chocolates for Theo

Perhaps you may prefer this this version to sing along to or you may be interested in reading this post from last year.

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