Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Easy Knitted Blanket

This is my latest knitting group project. Unlike the more skillfull members of the group, my projects need to be simple and require little or no counting.

This blanket uses alternating sections of plain and purl to create the chequer board pattern and was kept free of counting by stitch markers.

There are one or two rows too many in some of the squares - the result of too much talking and not taking the time to count the rows or use a row counter. I could have unpicked the knitting but decided it was not that obvious and I hate picking up rows of stitches.

The pattern is similar to this one on Ravelry. There was a sample blanket made up in  Twisted Threads the lovely store that supports and allows the Twisted Sistas(Sisters) to meet. I copied the idea from the small sample in the shop and made it big enough to be a throw rug.

It was knitted on the needles given to me by my friend Ruth. A lovely set of interchangeable needles and cables all packaged into a convenient carry case.

The yarn, Bliss 8 ply pure wool by Heirloom. A neutral colour that would blend in with most colour schemes.

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