Friday, 21 November 2014

Our Garden

The gardenias have started to flower, we have two large pots, both have lots of buds and should be glorious coming up to Christmas. Their perfume on a warm summer evening is divine. Marigolds, a favourite of mine and lobelia have been potted up and are on the plant stand. The plant stand was my mother's, about this time each year I plant it up, usually with colourful flowers. My mother loved the garden and used to refer to 'having a show for Christmas'. With a few weeks to go they should have filled out and provide a bright and splashy display.

This week, our garden, described as small and productive, was one of the featured gardens of 'Through the Garden Gates'  an open garden event organised by the Friends of the Geelong Botanic Gardens.

The back garden has fruit trees and lots of vegetables and herbs all packed in around the box hedge parterre. A variety of flowers are scattered throughout the garden beds. The paved patio has large containers of vegetables, dwarf lemons, flowers and succulents.

The tiny front garden has lots of perennials and flowers. We have dwarf beans planted amongst the flowers.

The nature strip garden has very hardy plants, some herbs and agapanthus. There are brick paths for people to step on to as they get out of their cars.

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  1. beautiful, Kerrie. When your agapanthus start blooming be sure to take more pics!