Thursday, 20 November 2014

Kerrie Christmas 2 - Boned and Stuffed Duck

These ducks are a feature of our Christmas table. Boning the duck and stuffing it with chicken thighs creates a solid meat roast. The flavour of the duck penetrates into the chicken and creates a delicious, moist and flavoursome roast. Each one of these ducks will serve eight to ten people. Serve it with these Pickled Cherries. 

I cook the duck the day before and allow it to go completely cold and then carve it. It is much easier to carve cold.  Cooking it the day before also takes the pressure of the oven on Christmas day. It can be served cold  or reheated. It is great in the 'leftover meat' sandwiches that we have for dinner.

 To Reheat
Arrange the duck slices on a plate that has a circle of gladbake, cover with cling film and place in the steamer for about 15 minutes. I have a steamer that allows me to steam two layers at a time. It can be served on the plate that it is steamed on or transferred to another plate.

This video demonstrates the deboning process. Try the technique with a chicken, it is a cheaper than duck.

You will need
1 duck, size 22 or a bit bigger
1.5 kg boned skinless chicken thighs.
string or thread and a large needle if you decide it needs to be sewn up.

It will take approximately three hours to cook. I use a meat thermometer and remove it when it is registering
cooked for poultry.

Some Step by Step Pictures to Show You How

Watch the video and bone out the duck. I leave no bones, perhaps not quite as good but it still seems to work.

Lay the chicken thigh meat evenly over the boned duck.

I sew it together, however, follow the technique in the video and tie it up with string.

Place it on a trivet in a roasting dish and bake. I also roast the carcass so that I have brown stock for the gravy. It will take approximately two and half to three hours depending on how hot you have the oven and how much chicken is stuffed into the duck. I bake at 160 /170 deg C

The finished duck. Allow to cool and remove stitches or string before carving.

The fat that is in the roasting dish will make scrumptious roast potatoes. Strain it allow it to cool, then remove the top fat to use, discard the jelly stuff at the bottom

Carve 1 cm thick slices and arrange on plate for steaming

Cover with clingfilm and steam.

A lttle cold duck and salad - Yum!

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