Friday, 3 October 2014

School's Out- Not Forever, but Until Forum 2015

The formal program is over, unlike  Alice Cooper we will all be sad. Still a little fun to be had at the Open Day tomorrow, so that means a busy night finishing a few things for the displays. The class has been making marks on paper and fabric all week. Lots of techniques to try out, sharing and discussing the work in progress and then assembling our books.

These are some of the pages in my books, the hand is a recurring theme.

The black part is a page with the hand cut out, it flips from side to side to reveal a different hand each time. This is the what is underneath the page above.

When you flip the black page to the left this is what you see, the circle is a rust imprint on some paper that I ecodyed.

This time using an incense stick to burn into the fabric

This hand is a drawing that I used as a stencil and for the embroidery on the cover

Another hand, discharge printing, the fabric was black to begin with

This is the cover for my book, not quite finished. Stitched in the Kantha style found in many Indian embroideries

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