Saturday, 25 October 2014

More ATCs

Catching up from the week away - on the to do list was get my swaps for October made and in the mail. Finished, in the post and on the way to their new homes. They should arrive in a day or two and before the end of the month deadline.

The theme for October was Inspired by Art. I have interpreted the artist Miro and called my cards If Miro Could Stitch

Then I remembered that I hadn't scanned the past two months. These are the Artist Trading Cards swaps for August and September.

Theme: Flora

Top left: Fields of Wheat 1/1, top right is mine: Hydrangea 4/4, bottom left: Untitled 1/1, bottom right: Summer Garden 1/3

Theme: Leadlight

Top left: Untitled 1/1, top right is mine: Leadlight Butterfly 4/4, bottom left: Leadlight 3, bottom right: Leadlight 2

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