Friday, 15 August 2014

ATC Swap

For the past few months I have been participating in a swap of Artist Trading Cards organised by the Embroiderers Guild of Victoria. The idea behind this is to create a miniature piece of (stitched) art reflecting the theme for the month. The guidelines are that you can swap up to three cards each month. I usually make four cards that are pretty much identical, as a series, I keep one and swap the other three. I enjoy thinking about how I will interpret the theme and then coming up with a title for my series, although, a title is not essential. It is good fun to do and I look forward to getting my swaps back in the mail. These are the swaps for the past six months, however, there will be more as the year continues.

February Theme: Red

My card is the top right, titled I C(see)Red, the others clockwise from mine are Red 2/2, Field of Poppies 2/3 and Red 1/1

March Theme: Fish Scales

My card is at the top, titled Scales, the others clockwise from top left are Scales 2/3, Fish Scales 1/3, Weighty Business 2/3 and Fish Scales 5/6

I misplaced my cards in April and made another set, only to find the first lot. I sent both lots away and was lucky enough to get swaps for all of them.

April Theme: Foreign Lands

My cards are the top left, titled Central Europe and the top right, titled Fragments from Afar. The others clockwise from mine are Australian Gum, Winter In Canada 1/3, Foreign Lands 1/4, Galah perching - Aus 1/4, China 1/2, Foreign Lands 2/3.

May Theme: Faces

My card is at the top left, titled Lady Face, the others clockwise from mine are Face 2/3, Face from The Past 7/7, and Missy 3/3

June Theme: Happy

My card is the top right, titled For the Sheer Fun of It, the others clockwise from mine are H is for Happy 2/3, Happy In the Garden 3/3 and Streamers 2/5

July Theme: Of the Sea

My card is at the top, titled All the Fishes in the Deep Blue sea, the others from left to right are Seahorses 3/4, Of The Sea 1/9, and Of The Sea 2/3

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