Saturday, 26 July 2014

Finally Finished

 I have been very busy with an embroidery course and finally, all the work is finished and ready to submit. Some of the work can be seen here. The final project is called the Dead Tree Scroll and is my reponse to a photograph of an environment under stress, with lots of dead trees and polluted water. The scroll consists of  an embroidered and appliqued shroud. The applique is eco dyed silk chiffon and the white stich a variety of knitting wools and linen threads. the background is a piece of an old Indian cotton curtain.

This embroidery of dead trees, is what you see when you unroll the scroll.  The trees are stitched with one strand of DMC thread in a variety of colours using straight stitch. The background is silk paper that I made and distressed on a black linen that was then attached to a beige linen. The frayed edges are intentional.

This is all the folio work that needs to be submitted.

Everything has gone by the wayside this week as I focussed on the deadline. Quite a few meals from the freezer and only essential housework. This morning, to celebrate getting it all finished, I stayed in bed reading until I needed to get up and get ready to meet my Twisted Sista friends.  We had an excellent day out with some of  at this market. Lots to look at, some tasty food and coffee, convivial company, some knitting on the train to and fro, what more could I ask for?

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