Sunday, 29 June 2014

Cold, Wet Winter Day

What to do when it is very cold, wet and windy and the weather forecast is predicting rain, hail and no shine. Coffee out in your favourite cafe is a good start, and then the grocery shopping before everyone else is there.
A splendid day can be had cooking - it is the perfect opportunity to stock up the freezer and organise a few meals for the weeks ahead. Soup, a casserole, meat sauce for pasta, lasagna, gnocchi and a slice were all on my 'to do' list. An impulse purchase of a few kilograms of very cheap red capsicums had 'char grill and remove the skins of the capsicums' added to the list.

After such a productive morning, a relaxing afternoon of crafting snuggled under a quilt seemed a good idea,

as did inviting some friends and family over to dinner,

and after dinner, catching up with my emails and blog before settling down to some more crafting in front of the TV.

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  1. in the morning.....crafting the rest of the cold, wet, windy day. I am struggling with a needle/wet felted purse. They say practice makes perfect........I think I need a lot more of the "practice", as bag looks a bit sad. :-(