Monday, 5 May 2014

This Cook's Paradise

Recently, I was asked what my kitchen was like, this was prefaced with 'you must have a fancy kitchen with all the cooking you do'. This is my kitchen, it is as efficient as I can make given the space available and has stainless steel benchtops, which are just fabulous. Stainless steel is not for everyone, it shows every scratch and fingermark but you can put hot things straight onto it and it doesnt stain.

I work in the area between the sink and the kettle, close to the stove. The space is quite small, however, I do not have to waste time and energy walking around  the kitchen.

The high bench top is great for a bit of extra space to put things when I am cooking or to hide the mess from the dining area.

The pantry is closeby on the the wall directly behind my work area. It is a skinny shelf pantry, the door is a cavity slider that slides along the wall next to the microwave.

It is a u shaped pantry with just enough space to reach in and around. Narrow shelves are great for keeping things visible and organised

 I love storage jars and Tupperware - many many years ago I was a Tupperware lady and these clear containers were my all time favourite product.

This is an additional small pantry, it is in a space under the stairs which are very close to the kitchen. This is for things that I do not use every day such as tins of tomatoes. It is also where I store the cake tins.

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