Sunday, 4 May 2014

It is Official - I am Finally Old

I once overheard someone say that old people get recliner chairs. A pair of these have just arrived in our house. They rock, they recline, they are comfortable but they are definetly not a stylish addition to the room. No matter - the room will never qualify as a feature in a home decorator magazine. It is where the 'old folks' hunker down with TV, I sit and do my embroidery, knitting and crochet. There is also an exercise bike for the 'sporty one' to use before he relaxes in his new chair.
It was either reupholster the old Edwardian ladies chairs or get something new. For the moment the old chairs are upstairs as I am not really ready to let them go - they are disgustingly shabby and worn but I still love them. I think I will throw a quilt over them and attempt the shabby chic look in the spare bedrooms.

Some other gems that that have been disclosed - old ladies go on garden trips, do stuff for charity and eat stews. Yes, Yes and Yes.

This week I went on a garden tour with the Friends of the Geelong Botanical Gardens to Mt Macedon. Glorious gardens, beautiful old trees, formal and informal hedges and am full of envy, until I think about how my ageing joints would have to mow, dig and prune.

I was fascinated by this Medlar, this is the first one that I have seen, although, I have read about them in old British cookbooks. It was a majestic specimen, fully loaded with fruit. Apparently, the fruit can be made into jam and paste similar to quince paste.

My knitting group, Twisted Sistas have been making items to go on a stall. I made these scarves as a donation to Creating A Welcome

Chicken stew for dinner

And finally, old ladies knit and crochet

large crochet square,
blocked and ready to be made into a cushion

and they have cats!!!

Fatty - on the table and not a worry in the world

Lily - the meerkat impersonator 

Rosy - keeping her stone lizard company

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