Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Autumn's Last Hurrah

It has been so warm and sunny these past few days and this must surely be Autumm's last hurrah before Winter arrives. It is my favourite time of the year - and what I refer to as the 'Goldilocks' season, not too hot, not too cold, a lovely time in for gardens with all the reds, oranges, rusts and browns to admire.

What to does one do on a warm and sunny Autumn day? Make the most of it.

Firstly by enjoying breakfast on the patio and gazing around the garden deciding which part to tackle first.

These coreopsis and marigolds are almost finished and will end up bundled into some fabric and used for some ecodyed scarves

This yummy combination of All Bran, oat bran, Chia seeds, psyllium husk, stewded rhubarb, yoghurt, a drizzle of vanilla was a good start.

Followed by a brisk walk into town for the usual morning coffee at my favourite cafe

 I admired these leaves and this day lily on the way

Back home and a review of the garden, decided it was in pretty good shape - just needs the hedges to be trimmed and a few new plants for spring flowers.

These gladioli type of flowers have started to bloom - such a gorgeous orange with a yellow throat. They look fantastic in clumps and have been in every garden I have made.

The Boston Ivy has turned rust and brown and will soon drop it's leaves

and the wisteria has begun to turn yellow

this succulent has entered into the spirit of  Autumn

and I will wait patiently  for my recently aquired nerines to be as beautiful as this

So a trip to Mitre 10 to purchase some pansies and a few other pretty things

before indulging in lunch out at Elkhorne,

the delicious steak sandwhich with horseradish, beetroot and rocket which arrived

and stopped me from trying to master the art of the selfie, to Ray's relief.


  1. Your Orange Gladdy type plant is a Watsonia.
    These are widely regarded as weeds in Australia. (noxious weeds in WA) Once they escape cultivation they tend to take over very quickly from native vegetation.
    They do however provide a splash of bright colour for the orange lovers! ;-)

  2. thankyou leafy gal. I will keep it in check along with my agapanthus.