Monday, 14 April 2014

Final Report

Home from my week at Fibre Arts - so much fun that I have already booked for next year. The class with Mary Sleigh was fantastic, her work was inspiring and she was such a skilled and knowledgeable facilitator.

Glenys Mann and her 'Golden Team' put together a fantastic program of classes, activities and traders. The boarding experience was enjoyable and it was great to be immersed in a week long program with some two hundred like minded people. This was my sort of holiday.

For the second part of the week I continued to develop the idea of white work and slow stitching by hand. This time I used the African style stitched samples and constructed a needle or sewing roll. This continued the exploration of domestic or utilitarian objects and of using what was to hand. The roll was made from small pieces of fabric, felt, string, old mother of pearl buttons, string. The cloth beads were made by tightly stitching muslin into a bead shape.

My completed needle or sewing roll.

The front, all the samples stitched together.

The inside, the last pieces of fabric overlapped on felt and heavily stitched to hold it together.

Detail of the front

Detail of front


  1. Great sewing roll Kerrie, love the techniques you've incorporated

  2. Looks beautiful Kerrie so wonderful seeing you at Ballarat Jen xxx