Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Fibre Arts - A week with Mary Sleigh

 Here at Ballarat Grammar for a week long class as part of Fibre Arts. The grounds are looking fantastic, the class rooms set up, and my fellow participants all keen and ready to learn new skills. It is such a wonderful thing to participate in an event like this.  My workshop is with Mary Sleigh, more information about her here.

This sculpture is in one of the courtyards.

The hellebore bed under a big tree

Seating in a courtyard near my class room- perfect for my morning coffee.

Outdoor seating, just outside my classroom - perfect for my morning coffee

Two more photos of the gardens

Dean, my lifesaver. I will be spending some time with him everyday.

Glenys, the mastermind behind Fibre Arts.

My workstation - set up and ready to go.

One of the sources of temptation in the Traders Hall.

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