Friday, 28 February 2014


Even though Zentangling has been around for some time I had not attempted it until today. Having doodled my way through numerous meetings it was great to find a more structured way to fill in spaces on a page and perhaps a shame that I hadn't got to it sooner.

One of the reasons that I belong to groups is to take advantage of workshops and classes that they organise.  Members of the Geelong branch of the Embroiderers Guild were lucky to have the opportunity to participate in a workshop on Zentangling, ably led by Gillian Norris.  As explained by Gillian, the Zen part is really about the meditative process and the tangling applies to the drawing. I think most of us will need to do a bit more before it becomes meditative.

The day commenced with some practicing of the various patterns and then in the afternoon combined the patterns to produce a Zentangle. These are the three pieces that I completed in the workshop. I made mine into gift cards by cutting around the edges and then sticking them to black card with double sided tape.

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