Thursday, 23 January 2014

Pink Daisiez

Number three in the baby quilt production line, only two more to make before March. This is the second time that I have made up the pattern and find it an easy pattern to follow.

For this quilt I used  a pattern designed by Jan Mullen from her Stargazey collection.  The pattern is called Stargazey Daisiez. I have also made some quilts from her book Cut Loose Quilts and would recommend her patterns.

I combined her design idea and instructions with the techniques used for raw edged shaggy quilts. Another stash buster whittling away at my collection of pink and green fabrics. I used a fine cord from Spotlight called Bubblegum. I really like using the fine cord as a backing for quilts that I want to be soft and snuggly and think that the pink is a good choice as it blends the borders and the shaggy edges. The finished quilt is 45inches x 52 inches.

Pink Daisiez
Pink Daisiez, close up showing the raw edges
The first quilt was made as a wedding present for my niece.The request was for a modern design and in bright blue and orange.

Wedding Daisiez

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  1. Love the wedding daisez!
    Love your blog-especially your recipes-move over Julia Child!