Friday, 8 December 2017

July to August 2017

Theme: Frida Kahlo

My card

Portrait of Frida Kahlo   3/3
Appliqué, stitch, drawing

The swaps

Flowers for Frida   2/3
Embroidery in a variety of surface stitches.

Untitled (Frida’s Eyebrow)   4/4
Hand dyed fabric, leaves worked in stem stitch, eyebrow - prefect and fly stitch


Theme: Snowflake

My card

There is always One that wants to Stand Out   1/3

Paper, hand stitch, beads

The Swaps

Very Little Snowstorm   1/3

Painted calico, beads, hand embroidery 

Tatted Snowflake   1/3

Tatting, beading, metallic fabric tuille 


Theme: Towers

My card

Port Hedland   3/3
Appliqué, handstitch

The swaps

The Lighthouse   Towers   3/4

Appliqué, stab stitch, machine embroidery



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