Sunday, 3 September 2017

Afternoon Tea for the Workers

This weekend I visited Coryule, a magnificent old property at Curlewis on the picturesque Bellarine Peninsula. It was opened to launch the season of Open Gardens Victoria. The property was originally owned and developed by the Misses Drysdale and Newcomb and of significant historical interest. It was such a treat to be able to see both the house and garden.

The house is being painstakingly restored

The house and gardens are extensive, occupying only a fraction of vast property. 

The property has extensive vegetable gardens, and a postage or kitchen garden close to the kitchen.

An opening requires a lot of organisation and some last minute 'primping', raking of the stone and gravel paths and placing of the signs explaining the various features of the gardens.

The signs are extremely informative

I was asked to provide afternoon tea for the workers.

A selection of simple, family style treats. Lumberjack cake, tangelo cake, gluten free brownies, lamingtons and some salted peanut crisps / cookies.

The Peanut Crisps were adapted from a recipe in this book.

I love these sort of cookbooks, nothing fancy but full of simple, easily made and mostly inexpensive recipes.

This is the recipe

I usd this recipe as a starting point and made a few changes.

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