Thursday, 13 July 2017

Hey Big Spender

There have been a few purchases of late, things wear out or break and sometimes you decide to treat yourself. A couple of weeks ago I dropped my IPad, the screen shattered but I could still use it until the screen started to crumble away. Time for a new IPad. The electrical store was big and full of temptation and it just made sense to do the 'one stop shop'. A portable heater, a new electric frypan, the IPod and then there was this

A generous treat to myself, my first stand mixer. I have resisted purchasing a mixer like this, however, some recurring shoulder injuries made it easy to justify and I do love to bake! Humming the tune of Hey Big Spender to myself I couldn't wait to try it out or as the song goes  the mixer wanted to 'spend a little time with me'.

A new cookbook and a new mixer.

Page 53 Chocolate Chip Cookies

Page 61 the Greta, Sugar Cookie Squares

Page 14 My Grandma's Oatmeal Cookies

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