Friday, 28 July 2017

An Adventure with Encaustic Wax

I took this class for a bit of fun and it was. The opportunity was there and I thought why not. A three day introductory class, a good place to get started and I discovered that there are so many directions that one can go in. It will take some time for me to sort through how I will use this style of art making in my work. The tutor, Nancy Crawford, was absolutely fabulous and inspiring with both her work and willingness to take you on a journey into encaustic that was meaningful to you. Read more about Nancy here .

We all started with a sample board to try some of the techniques. I chose embedding lace, pressing lace into warm wax, dripping the wax, dry brushing, scratching into the wax and pan pastels, oil paints, shimmery lustre paints for colour.

An assemblage of found objects, the background papers, cardboard and skull all waxed.

Blind drawing (the white leaf) and then drawing onto some Eco dyed paper (brown leaves) 

Collage using gift wrap, scratching into the wax, oil paint.

An old paper bag, textured wax and oil paint

Collage onto sheet music

Our instructor Nancy and her partner, Conrad.

Getting started

Some of the work from fellow participants.

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