Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Slow Roasted Carrots and Lamb

I love Autumn and really look forward to the changing weather and garden. The last week or so has seen the end of our tomatoes and some much needed tidying of the garden. A slow roasted piece of lamb is a good dish to make when you want the comfort of a hearty meal but need to be out in the garden. It just cooks away without the need for much attention.  We did not have quite as bountiful crops this year due to in part to a 'poorer' season and relinquishing our plot in the community garden. Mostly the excess fresh tomatoes are slow roasted and frozen, however, some were put aside for a small run of homemade tomato sauce, tomato and chilli jam and chutney. I like to have a few preserves on hand, they remind me of the bounty of our Summer garden and can make the plainest or simplest of meals seem that little bit special.

This is one of my preferred ways to have lamb at this time of the year, although, for me it is all about the carrots.  Roast or BBQ lamb is delicious with my friend Helena's Chutney and these roasted carrots with onion. Simple, tasty and no fuss makes this a great dish when you want the comfort of a roast but not the bother of the full on roast and all the trimmings. Perfect for that lazy Sunday late lunch just add some crispy roasted potatoes and some steamed greens or a green salad.

I have taken to using the carrots and onions as a trivet when roasting the lamb. The juices from the lamb drop down into the carrots to create a really flavoursome side dish. 

Here's How

Place a generous layer of thickly sliced carrots and onions in the dish. 

Place the boned leg of lamb on top. This one has been seasoned with a little garlic powder and a splash of olive oil.

Cook in a hot oven until the surface goes nice and brown. Pour a tablespoon or two of Masala wine over the lamb. This is optional but adds to the flavour.

Continue cooking until meat is really golden and cooked. Remove lamb and allow it rest in a warm place for at least fifteen minutes, thirty minutes is better. Meat will stay hot if rested in a foam box or esky. Return the carrots to the hot oven to evaporate any liquid and the carrots and onions get a bit crispy. Place on a serving plate. Leftover carrots reheat very well in the microwave.

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