Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Fika and Hygge - Finally Finished

Finally finished. Every recipe from the book has been cooked. When I first purchased the Fika & Hygge cookbook I never thought that I would make every recipe, however, one recipe led to another and then the challenge was on. For the most part I tried to recreate each recipe and stay true to the recipe. Sometimes an ingredient could not be sourced and a substitute ingredient was needed.

Almond Ring Celebration Cake. Page 118

Once I made the decision to make every recipe this was planned for the grand finale. Originally for my wedding anniversary but in the end May was just too far away. By happy coincidence the Almond Ring Celebration Cake made for a perfect birthday cake. Whilst not an '0' birthday I couldn't wait and there were no other celebrations in the offing. Traditionally, small paper flags are used to decorate the cake, however, I opted for a few sprigs of lemon verbena fresh from the garden.

Gingerbread Cake. Page 66 

Princess Cake page 122

Semla Bun Wreath page146

Finnish Doughnuts page 160

Butter Cake page 154

Nothing Biscuits page 22

Brunswick Bun page 42

Budapest Roll page 132

Tosca Cake page 87

Silvia Cake page 55

Liquorice Meringue Kisses page 101

Hazelnut Mocha Square page 98

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