Thursday, 23 February 2017

More Fika

I am loving the challenge of making every recipe in the Fika & Hygge cookbook. Thirteen recipes to go. I tend to post on Instagram as each recipe is made and may not have these in the exact order of baking. My approach is quite random with recipes selected as the mood or occasion presented.

Page 62 Blueberry Studmuffins

Page 36 Swedish Dream Biscuits

Page 125 Licorice Ganache Cake

Page 102 Mallow Fluff Cakes

Page 142 Custard Spandau Pastries

Page 126 Danish Pastry Kringle

Page 88 Baked Cheesecake 

Page 70 Rhubarb and Custard Cake

Page 145 Danish Pastry Poppy Seed Squares

Page 83 Lemon Moon Cake

Page 168 Swedish Scones

Page 32 Small Raspberry Treats

Page 106 Potato Cakes

Page 113 Sarah Bernhardt Cakes

Page 79 White Chocolate Cake

Page 129 Rye Bread Layer Cake

Page 97 Napoleon Hats

Page 109 Raspberry Squares

Page 153 Birthday Buns

Page 45 Norwegian Apple Cake

Page 150 Sally's Chocolate Buns

Page 84 Success Cake

1 comment:

  1. The Potato Cakes reminded me of the Mushroom cakes/Biscuits? that my mother used to make for afternoon tea like upturned button Mushrooms with forked cream for the gills and sprinkled with grated chocolate or cocoa powder