Tuesday, 10 January 2017

A Little Break

I have been taking a little break, not really a holiday away but taking some time to regroup, tidy up and get organised. My friends tell me that is is a staycation. Not very exciting, just day to day life at a very leisurely pace. In fact all my usual group activities are on holiday as well, no line dancing, limited water aerobics, no Textile Art or Patchwork groups and no printmaking. Luckily, the neighbour's dog is not on holidays and keen to go for walks.

One of my favourite cartoonists, Judy Horacek has summed it up perfectly.

There was a very special party and an opportunity to 'glam' up.

The engagement party was held in this very opulent marquee

that become quite magical by night.

It was a fabulous party, great food, dancing and a fabulous fireworks display.

Lots of cooking and baking from my new books.

Bonjour Brownies and Belgian Blondies from Brownies, Blondies and other Traybakes.

It is Summer and plenty of very hot days, too hot to bake, however, there are goodies that can be made without baking, like waffles.  These are the spinach waffles from the Fika & Hygge cookbook.

 The Christmas Pudding Trifle, from Layered Desserts.

It was a good opportunity to make a large batch of toasted muesli and package it up ready to give to those friends who have become as addicted as me.

There is always something to do in the garden, even if it is just watering, weeding and dead heading the flowering shrubs and perennials.

The remodelled front garden beds are coming along quite nicely, a mixture of ornamental and edible offerings. We will plant a few more things to fill in the spaces.

The nature strip /verge  also recently remodelled is struggling, however, the succulents are very tough and tolerant of dry conditions. Hopefully within the year they will grow and cover the ground.

committed to a new project, A Stitch a Day for a Year. We started on New Year's Day, a small group project that we photograph regularly (daily) and share with each other. This is Day 1

And Day 9. From time to time I will share my progress.

Morris, the borrowed dog, enjoys an outing

And like me, is happy to 'cool off' under the hose.

The final word, again from Judy Horacek.

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