Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Fika & Hygge 2

I am really enjoying baking from the Fika & Hygge cookbook. My plan is to work my way through the book and to make at least one thing from each chapter. Of course, some recipes appeal more than others and some will be repeated and become a regular fixture.

Cinnamon Buns page 149. I have plans to repeat these for breakfast on Christmas Day.

We couldn't wait, the Honey Cake  page 73 was delicious without the chocolate icing.

Loki's Brownie page 51 was really decadent.

This recipe for Blondies with Lavender and Lemon page 52, a big hit with my knitting group and interesting in that lavender needed to be ground in a spice grinder.

Danish Vanilla Cookies page 35, a possible addition to the Christmas biscuit tin.

The mixture can be shaped by hand or piped.

Danish Christmas Pancakes page 157

Nordic orange and Ginger Biscuits page 26

Delicious and great for decorating the table.

Saffron Bundt Cake page 65. I did not add the pears to the cake as shown in the recipe.

And for dessert, Poached pears in saffron and vanilla syrup with the Saffron Bundt cake glazed with the syrup from the pears - all that was needed was cream or icecream.

Rye and Blueberry Flapjacks page 46.  A high energy bar a bit like a muesli bar, the golfers and cyclists in the family will enjoy these.

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