Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Famous Faces - The Archibalds

I pretty much go to the Archibalds every year. Some years, like the past two in Ballarat, are easier to get to and make for a pleasant day out. The Archibald Prize is for portraiture with a diversity of subjects, styles and techniques. Here are a few of the many 'famous faces'.

George Calombaris by Betina Fauvel-Ogden

Annie Smithers by Daniel Butterworth. The portrait (left), photograph (top right) and a section of her book cover (bottom right)

Barry Humphries by Louise Hearman

Garry McDonald by Kirsty Neilson

Lucy Culliton (self portrait, Lucy and fans)

Bernie Teague by Lewis Miller

Shower (Athena Bellas) by Prudence Flint

Easton Pearson by Monica Rohan

This very clever painting called The Usurpers (self portrait) by Michael McWilliams was my pick for Viewers Choice.

 and just for fun - Yours Truly (selfie) taken at the photograph yourself station. 

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