Sunday, 4 September 2016

The Reason We Came

We came to Perth for this.

A proud moment, my son Liam, all 'kitted out' in the Australian gear and ready to race. It was a great opportunity for him as a newcomer to the sport and such a thrill for him to be selected to compete.

It has also been great to spend a few days with my Aunty Rey and Uncle Nic. 

They live close to the Swan River with a nature reserve nearby. I have enjoyed many walks around Lucky Bay and the nature reserves.

The walking/cycling paths are excellent and well used with seats and places to watch the many waterbirds that are in the reserve.

Morning, noon or night the red flowers on this tree were glorious

It was so exciting to get close to this bird, it was almost as if it wanted to be photographed.

My Italian cooking lessons continued. A batch of these delicious pizzelle sandwiched with a lemon custard. Trying to decide if I need to purchase the waffle machine to make them at home.

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