Sunday, 28 August 2016

A Visit to a Succulent Garden

This weekend I visited the magnificent succulent garden owned by Attila and Michele Kapitany. It was opened as part of the Open Gardens Victoria (OGV) scheme. OGV has been operating for a year and this opening was to both launch the 2016 - 2017 season and celebrate OGV's first birthday. The garden has a combination of water wise plantings that include an extensive range of succulents, native trees and plants, flax and grasses.

 The garden is has an interesting layout with many different levels, with stone steps and paths that lead from one area to another

And many sculptural points of interest

The boundary hedge of conifers is well established and trimmed into flat pointed leaf shapes, not unlike the leaves of many of the succulents featured.

This section reminds me of the tentacles of an octopus

The contrast of scale, shape and colour create great visual interest

What is a birthday without cake?

I made lots of little mud cup cakes to resemble small potted succulents.

Once the formalities were over it was time to taste test and view the garden.

This variety is on my wish list. At the moment it is being protected until it is established.

And maybe this one, the deep burgundy edges  are very eye catching.

So much to see and admire.

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