Thursday, 23 June 2016

Training Snacks

My son was given this book.

He was going to be away for a few days and thought that I might be interested in having a read.  After a quick flick through I decided that I would make the training bars and snacks for his return.

From page 66 Date Bar. A raw bar full of oats, dates and coconut. Very easy and quick to make.

The Rice Bar page 62. The notes refer to it as the best bar to take on a ride. 

An interesting technique used to form the slab. It was suggested to put the mixture in a three litre ziplock bag, flatten and refrigerate overnight.  I used a conventional slice tray.

Muesli Bars, page 61. Baked as a slab

then cut into individual bars.

They were tasted and trialled, preferences were indicated. The true test will be wnen my son takes them out on the 100 km bike ride.

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