Thursday, 28 April 2016

Char Grilled Sweet Corn with Miso and Chilli Mayonnaise

Delicious sweet corn with a slightly charred flavour makes for a great accompaniement to a barbecue or as light meal. The mayonnaise sauce can be made with commercial mayonnaise. I add some miso paste and Sri Racha sauce. The sauce is best brushed onto the corn hot so that it forms a light glaze.

Char Grilled Corn

Peel the husks and silk from the corn and trim the ends. Cut each corn into three or four pieces.
Plunge the corn into boiling water and bring back to the boil. Simmer for two minutes and drain.
Char grill the corn on a barbecue or griddle on the stove top.
Brush each piece of corn with the mayonnaise while hot from the grill.
Serve with the remaining mayonnaise and garnish with thinly sliced spring onions.

Miso and Chilli Mayonnaise

2 tablespoons commercial mayonnaise
2 teaspoons miso paste or more to taste
1 clove garlic, crushed
1 tsp Sri Racha Sauce or more to taste.

Whisk all ingredients together. Taste and adjust flavours  to taste.

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