Sunday, 27 March 2016

Quick Prawn Ravioli

These are not true ravioli, they have been made with wonton skins instead of fresh pasta. When I make wontons I usually have some skins leftover and freeze them for another time. Make sure they have defrosted before you try to separate them. Use fresh pasta sheets if you have them, cut out large circles with a scone cutter.

The ravioli filling is green prawn meat that is marinated with some crushed garlic, a little oil and a generous pinch of salt. The prawn meat can be chopped or left whole. If whole use two prawns and place them head to tail so that they form a circular shape.

Place the filling on a wonton skin, moisten the edge and then top with another skin. Crimp or pinch the edges together, squeezing out any air as you do this. The edges can be decorated or cut with a scone cutter.

I used this brand of wonton skins.

The sauce is a bottle of passata sauce, some crushed garlic, salt and pepper and a teaspoon of sugar. Add some chopped fresh oregano.

Poach the ravioli in boiling water. The filling should cook quickly, allow five or so minutes, check one to make sure the prawns are cooked and the skins soft.

Serve the ravioli with the sauce, some crumbled Meredith Goat Cheese and some fresh basil or oregano. For an extra kick I also poured a few drops of chilli oil over the ravioli as they were served.

Same concept but made into tortellini shapes. Place the filling on half a wonton skin, moisten edges and the then fold in half. Wrap the ends of the tortellini around your finger, overlapping the edges.

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