Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Here Kitty Kitty 4 - Cat Cards

I have been saving cat cards for many years. I love my collection and frequently look at it, each time I am reminded of all who have contributed and reflect on the thoughtfulness and kindness that has been shown to me. These are the latest additions to the collection.

'Happy Birthday Mum' and recently 'I thought you might like this mum - a cat, patchwork and you can colour it in'.

Family and friends are always on the lookout for additions to my collection. Some friends (they know who they are) have a keener eye than others, and seem to find a cat card for just about every birthday and Christmas. 

From my friend Dianne who understands my need to make and do.

The plastic box that I save them in is full. When I get a new box I will sort them out and put the Christmas cats in one and all the rest in another. This is a glimpse of a few but there are so many and It would be impossible to show them all.

There are multiples of this

And two of this one but I think that is all.

Some cannot resist a set and just buy them and give them to, brand new and not written in.

Others just see a card, think of me and it arrives for no other reason than I am in their thoughts

Some like to move into the computer age

Many  look for the quirky

Some cards sing to me

Others have a food and kitchen focus, how do they get the cats to cooperate?

perhaps a warning about the 'mad cat lady' that I may become

Some have an arty approach

Or an interest in craft

Whist others highlight the sophistication of a foreign country

This brand 'Two Bad Mice' features heavily in the collection

Traditional styles of painting

Or a more humorous approach

Christmas cards can be a bit evil

Or playful


  1. Replies
    1. I love it despite the criticism that I sometimes get for my collecting/hoarding. Have tried to think of ways to display them (decoupage, rotated through a series of frames etc) but have not got to it yet. Anyway they are for me and I am happy to get them out and dip into the box.