Wednesday, 24 February 2016

The Big Reveal

It arrived early. A present to myself.

A little while ago I signed up for this package of inspiration from India Flint , a person who's work, philosophy and approach to living I much admire. The offer was a collection of Wander Cards bundled in a piece of her dyed fabric and for those interested there was the opportunity to add a scarf. 

I have long been inspired by her work and could not resist this opportunity.

The box was opened.

The scarf removed.

Unfolded and coiled as if ready to wear.

The colours and details examined and admired.

Then the bundle was removed.

And opened to reveal my set of wander cards.

 The wrapping cloth was admired.

 And finally, at the bottom of the box was this beautiful business card.

I am going to take my time and go on a journey with the Wander cards. Where they will take me or what will I will do along the way? Who knows, but I am open to the creative journey.

Some years ago I took a one day workshop with India and became hooked on the process that she uses to obtain both print and colour. My hope is to undertake a longer class, however, that is for another journey and meanwhile I read and get inspiration from her books

And follow India on her blog, Instagram and Facebook.

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