Sunday, 7 February 2016


Many years ago I dabbled in printmaking. Unfortunately, time and life intervened and my interest was shelved. On my 'to do' list for retirement was to revisit printmaking. I have signed up for a course for the coming semester. My real interest is in textile so have been very pleased that the facilitator, Gaye Nieuwenhof is flexible and encourages experimentation with materials and techniques. One of the workshops on offer was Breakdown Silk Screen Printing. Perfect as a taster and introduction to semester.

Mostly printed onto cotton fabric. For my series I opted to use the same design elements and overprinted. The colours were varied and as the plate was reused from one print to the next there was also transition from one set of colours to the next.

On muslin

On paper

The plan is to use these as the background for stitch or collage elements in some mixed media pieces. Of course , they may not be used and just be added to the stash.

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