Sunday, 10 January 2016

What Do You Do?

What do you do when the invite says no gifts and not to bring anything? It immediately made me think of this ad and the famous line 'we so do'.   Another friend said to me once that 'if I can't use it, eat it or plant it I dont want it. This is probably a good guideline when looking at a 'little something' for people of a certain age who have probably got all that they want or need. Of course, I had a box of 'Cadbury's Favourites' on hand but decided that this might be better.

Surely flowers would be OK,  picked from my garden, a bouquet of pink Calla lillies, roses, penstemons and beautifully fragrant lemon verbena.  No, they couldn't be planted but they will look pretty for a few days and can then be thrown away or put in the green waste bin. Some homemade fudge, yes it can be eaten even if we shouldn't. The teatowel was probably pushing it, however, it had knitted jumper designs printed on it and the recipient is a knitter. She or someone in the house could use it  - who doesn't need a new teatowel from time to time?


  1. Well the flowers are lovely and always welcome as any little thing from your kitchen but I agree, not something for the shelf.

  2. As the very pleased recipient of this lovely bouquet, I was delighted with the great blooms and the sentiment attached.