Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Wedding Flowers

These are for  Meg's wedding. Meg is a friend of my daughter in law Rachel and was a bridesmaid at her wedding. I feel flattered that she liked the flowers for Rachel's wedding enough to ask me to do hers.

The flowers were deliverd, mixed bunches of roses, hydrangeas, ranunculas and greenery. Some sorting according to flower size and colour was needed to make sure that each bouquet had a mix of the different coloured roses. Preparation began, a jar for each posy, floristry wire and tape, some elastic bands to hold the bunches in case I needed to put them down. The big bunches of hydrangeas needed to be cut into smaller pieces, wired and taped and all the roses to have the leaves removed so only the rose was on the stem.

Flowers were counted out and then allocated to each bouquet's jar, the easiest way to make sure each bouquet is the same size and has the same mix of flowers. The bridal bouquet getting more flowers and a bigger bouquet. Some buds, greenery and a sprig of hydrangea for each of the men.

I like to put the bouquet together and then stand it in a jar so that I can turn it around to make sure the bouquet is balanced. Then the the bouquet is secured, sometimes I wrap the stems in ribbon, however, Meg wanted her stems left unwrapped.

Rachel's wedding bouquet. Peonies and ornamental cabbage.

And Just Because - Liam and Rachel's Wedding

I was so happy to be able to help with Liam and Rachel's wedding and of course being a proud mum and mother in law have added some extra photos of their wedding.

Liam and Rachel wanted terrarium gardens as a gift to each guest. So we busily started striking succulents and scrounged old Fowlers Vacola jars from my friends, Barbara and Anne.

Photo courtesy of Kari Teagan Photography

The 'peonies and succulents' theme was carried over into the cake. The brief for the cake was 'plain and simple' which made the decorating very easy.

Photo courtesy of Kari Teagan Photography
One of my favourite photos, I just love the staged action shot including the photographer and of course the flowers on the bike.

And this lovely portrait shot from my friend Frank. The climbing rose hedge was in full bloom and perfect.


  1. Really loving the wedding flower arrangements. I went for my neighbor's wedding at one of the pretty Chicago venues couple of months ago. Catering and decorations were absolutely praiseworthy. Thinking to book the same venue for my brother's reception next month.

    1. Thank you for your kind word, good luck with your brother's wedding.