Friday, 4 September 2015

Chocolate Cream Ripple Cake

Are you old enough to remember this? I make it from time to time and have created all sorts of combinations of biscuits and flavoured cream. This version  is the most liked at my house. The chocolate ripple biscuits are sandwiched together with chocolate cream and the outside decorated with grated chocolate. The raspberry sauce providing a tart contrast to the creamy chocolate log

Other variations to try include coffee flavoured cream or swap the chocolate ripple biscuits to gingernuts, for an extra burst of ginger add some finely chopped glace ginger to the gream.

It seems that opinions are divided, mostly it is liked especially by the cream and dessert loving crew. A few friends loathe it , one referring to it as that 'soggy biscuit thing that my mother used to make'.

Chocolate Cream Ripple Cake with Raspberry Sauce
1 pkt Chocolate Ripple biscuits
600 ml cream
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
200g dark chocolate, grated

1 cup frozen raspberries
1/4 cup water
1 tablespoons sugar

2 teaspoons vanilla extract / raspberry liqueur / kirsch/Brandy

Chocolate Ripple Log
Whip 300 ml cream and 1 teaspoon of vanilla together until stiff.
Reserve a couple of tablespoons of the chocolate for decoration and add the remaining chocolate to the whipped cream. Refrigerate.
Whip another 300ml of cream with 1 teaspoon of vanilla until stiff.

Place a thin line of the plain whipped cream on the plate, this is to anchor the biscuit log to the plate.

Take a chocolate ripple biscuit and spread a layer of the chocolate cream on the flat side. Place this biscuit at the end of the plate with the uncreamed side closest to the edge of the plate.

Spread another biscuit with the chocolate cream and press next to the one on the plate. Repeat until all biscuits except one are used up. You should have alternating biscuits and cream. Press the last biscuit onto the log/roll.

Cover the outside of the biscuit log with whipped cream including the ends. If place a few tooth picks in the cream and then loosely cover with clingfilm or place in a container that will hold the cake. Refrigerate overnight.
You may not need all the whipped cream

Raspberry Sauce
Boil the water, sugar, vanilla or liqueur until slightly syrupy. Pour over raspberries . Leave to soften and then stir to slightly break the berries. Refrigerate until needed.

To Serve
Remove log from fridge and decorate with the reserved grated chocolate

Spoon the raspberry sauce over the log.

Use a sharp serrated edge knife, slice diagonally (45 deg angle)  into 2 cm slices. Spoon a little of the remaining raspberry sauce onto each slice.

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