Monday, 28 September 2015

A Weekend of Gardens

Sometimes you need the inspiration of other gardens, that is why I often go to an Open Garden. Although, our garden is in no way able to achieve the grandness of these large properties, a visit can often spark an idea for a similar effect in ours. On Saturday I volounteered for the the newly formed Open Gardens Victoria, a glorious and sunny day to show case the fabulous grounds of Musk Cottage in Flinders. Whilst stately lawns and vast expanses of boardwalk, grasses and shrubs are not possible there were a few ideas to be had for our garden.

We do not the space for this circular maze like feature of rusted metal objects, however, we could develop a smaller feature section on a fence.

Once again a smaller version of the rusted metal sculpture might add a focal point to an area of the garden.

Maybe we could employ an artist to paint the wall of our garage.

The day went quickly. I spent some time on traffic duty and then had a wander around the gardens until it was time to attend to afternoon sales of scones, jam and cream.

Our garden is a work in progress, we a changing from a largely ornamental garden to a more productive garden with some flowers to keep it pretty.

The view from upstairs. The hedges will remain, hopefully the new fruit trees will soften the fence lines and the parterre will be planted with a selection of vegetables, herbs and flowering perrenials and annuals. We tend to let many of the plantings do their own thing and look forward to way they pop up each season.

The pink poppies have started to flower.

as have the potted geraniums

and the first of the many aquilegias in the garden to bloom.

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  1. a lovely mix of formal and informal and it looks beautifully tended...