Friday, 3 July 2015

Food Truck Friday

Food Truck Friday is held in the Geelong Mall on the first Friday of the month. The event caters for a lunchtime crowd with quick and reasonably priced street food style offerings. The man and I toddle off to this event and try a different vendor each time. There are lots of different vendors to try and some changes from one month to another. This month there will be three Food Truck Fridays as part of  Tastes of Central Geelong. Lots of vendors to try out.

We usually walk along and check out the menu at each vendor before deciding.

Today it was Kurbside Cravings - with an Anatolian/Turkish inspired menu. Ray gets in line and orders.

For me - delicious fish in a toasty bun, fabulous salad with lots of coriander, dressing and chips

Ottoman Dumplings for himself.

There is live music.

Places to sit and eat - Communal tables and chairs in addition to the permanent park bench seating in the mall.

 What would an event like this be without seagulls?