Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Winter Garden

I am quite happy with the back garden. It doesn't matter which season we are in there is always something interesting to look at. It is the garden that we pass through and therefore the one that gets the most attention. Our living area faces onto the back garden and our garage is at the back of our property so we have to walk through it every time we go out in the car. Our front garden is not so blessed but that is something for another time.

Nearly two years ago we had a vey high Pittosporum hedge removed and this fence built to replace it. I hate to say but it was a concession to ageing bodies and a reluctance to clamber up ladders with a chainsaw. The fence screens our water tanks and has a narrow space that has a path  in front of it that couldn't be blocked with a tree or shrub. We wanted something deciduous so planted Boston Ivy, it has really taken off this year.  It is a favourite of mine, green in Summer, red and orange in Autumn and interesting to look at in Winter. The man of the house does not like creepers or indeed any plant that has ivy in the name but I love it - I reassured him we would be long gone from the house before the fence was destroyed by the ivy.

There are lots of fruit trees, a wisteria and a weeping cherry, all deciduous but also quite interesting to look at at.

The  box hedge parterre really stands out provides a strucure for the garden and is more obvious in Winter. There is always something in flower and lots of greenery

the first snow drops

the windflowers or Japanese Anenomes just starting to flower

Cliveas add a nice splash or orange

the Hellebores are all in bud 

Sometimes we have to give seedlings some protection - not so pretty to look at but necessary

One of my favourite spots, a planting Arum lillies, Penstemons and some low growing perrenials with a rusted candleholder that I found on a street on one of my walks - had a free sign on it so I carted it home.

Native Marigolds, a really bright yellow flower which will eventually grow to a metre or more.

There are lots of clumps of nasturtiums, green now with the promise of lots of orange, rust and yellow flowers

and always daisies, we trim them hard but not all at once so that there is always a bush or two in flower.

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