Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Another Sweet Moment

Last night's offering to the knitting ladies - and it was very well received.  An old favourite, Caramel Brownie with a twist. This time I pushed small pieces of dark chocolate into the brownie before baking.

To make this use the caramel version of this recipe and cut up a block of dark chocolate into small squares and push them down into the mixture.

Every morning I go for coffee and I read the papers, always the local Geelong Advertiser and the Age. On Tuesdays the Age is a must, as it has the weekly foodie section Epicure. I will wait around and have another coffee if someone else is reading it.

Today, Kitchen Spy featured Katherine Sabbath. Whilst not in her baking league I could identify with her and was surprised by the similarity of our pantries, if not the end results. For those in need of inspiration, her cakes are magnificent.

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