Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Garden inspiration Circa 1950

On a recent trip I acquired some old books and catalogues. This one was particularly relevant to Geelong. Whilst this nursery no longer exists there are streets that named for both Stinton and Claremont. There is also a property that was the site of one of Stinton's nurseries. I visited the property when the current owners opened the garden to the public a few months ago and when I saw this booklet I thought that they may like this piece of memorabilia.

 The catalogue was comprehensive and contained so many plants that do not seem commonplace in most nurseries that I visit. Before passing it on I photographed a few of the pages - the colour plates are beautiful.

Interestingly, There were no colour plates in the vegetable section.


  1. gorgeous, I especially like that page of what I assume are zinnias,
    which don't grow as happily here as they would for you… we get too much powdery mildew.

  2. This Stinton's Nursery catalogue is not one I have. I am fascinated, as it represents 5 generations of the Stinton family in Newtown & later Leopold.
    If this catalogue ever comes onto the market, si would be very interested.
    Rick Stinton.

    1. Hi Richard,
      I have the catalogue. Please email me so that I can arrange for you to get the publication