Sunday, 26 April 2015

Another ANZAC Inspired Treat - Cheesecake

Sometimes my mind wanders... Yesterday was such an occassion. I was watching the ANZAC parade on the TV, munching on one of these when I remembered that I needed to make a dessert to take out. My thoughts were of the flavours of the muffins and anzac biscuits and how they could be reproduced as a dessert.

This cheesesecake seemed to be a good solution. A delicious biscuit base with a golden syrup flavoured cream cheese topping.

The base was made with crushed Butternut Snaps, I would have used crushed anzacs, however, there were none left.

Some toasted rolled oats and shredded coconut were added to the mixture. It would work just as well without toasting the oats and coconut but the oven was on.

The filling uses golden syrup for the flavour that you associate with anzac biscuits

Add some whipped cream and a sprinkle of crushed biscuits for decoration. I used some chocolate ripple crumbs. Next time I would save a tablespoon of the crushed biscuits.

Anzac Cheese Cake
185 g butter
1 pkt (250g)Butternut Snap or Anzac biscuits, crushed
½ cup rolled oats
½ cup shredded coconut

500 g cream cheese
6 tablespoons golden syrup
2/3 cup cream
5 teaspoons gelatine
1/4 cup boiling water

To serve
Whipped cream and biscuit crumbs

Toast coconut and oats if desired.

Crush biscuits until fine crumbs. Retain one tablespoon of the crumbs for decoration

Melt the butter; add biscuits, oats and coconut. Mix well. *Press into a greased springform pan. Press down firmly. Place in fridge to set. I like to line the base of the pan with baking parchment so that I can remove the cheesecake easily from the tin.

Dissolve/ soften gelatine in the boiling water.

Place cream cheese, gelatine mixture and golden syrup into a bowl. Beat until smooth. Add cream and beat again.

Pour topping over the biscuit base and return to the fridge to set. Allow several hours to set.

Remove the sides of the springform pan and place cheesecake on a serving plate. 

Pipe some whipped cream rosettes around the outside edge of the cheesecake and sprinkle with the reserved biscuit crumbs.

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  1. This was perfect. Amazing ANZAC biscuit flavour all wrapped in cheesecake. Probably a good thing it will be an annual treat not a weekly one ...