Saturday, 24 January 2015

Just Finished

I belong to a great group GeeTag, it is a group of like minded people who are interested in exploring techniques and a more creative approach to textiles and stitch. The focus project for 2014 was a book or journal that consisted of pages that incorporated the techniques that were covered each month. During the year a variety of materials were supplied and this was also part of the challenge.

This is my finished book, completed in time for the first meeting - very satisfying. I used the opportunity to explore the concept of a grid and then mounted the samples onto pages of stitched grids. The books are essentially a record of what was done throughout the year. The techniques explored in our meetings purely for stimulus, leaving each member free to explore those that were of greatest interest to them.

Fabric tile swap, each tile created by collaging fabrics and then overstitching with threads and machine stitch. Each participant was given a set of colour themed fabrics, fibres and thread.

Felt making and then using felt as a basis of stich. I created an irregular grid that was then filled with straight stitch.

Silk paper collage. Machine and hand stitch, eco dyed fabric, paper.

Bonding layers of chiffon, free machine embroidery  and burning away.

More bonding, this time synthetic lining, free machine stitch cutting away and burning or distorting with a heat gun.

Layering, bonding,  free machine stitch, cutting back

Trapping hard materials such as washers between two layers of fabric, stitch and embellishment.


Trapping fabrics between two layers of chiffon, stitch.

Paper as a base for stitch. Collaging/layering scraps of paper, stitch.

Canvas work


Drawn thread work, stitched onto collaged paper

Repurposed and vintage woollen suit fabrics, ordered nine patch grid, stitched with perle thread

Eco dyed wool suiting, random grid, stiched in perle thread.

Grids within grids, repurposed and vintage woollen suiting fabrics, stitch.

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