Wednesday, 17 December 2014


For many years I made bread, lots of it and often sourdough, so much that I struggled to give it away.

Sourdough requires a starter or fermented culture to make the dough rise. I used to have a starter or as it is sometimes referred to, a mother. Unfortunately, I went away and forgot to freeze it and came home to a greyish, slimy, mouldy mess that I threw out. Recently, I was offered a starter and have begun to make sourdough again albeit in much smaller amounts.

This loaf was made using the recipe and instructions here

I usually prove the dough in a tin, this is my first attempt at using a basket to prove the dough,

nicely doubled in size and ready for the oven, it needs to be tipped out onto a hot tray before being baked.

The basket pattern has imprinted on the dough

Meet Pedro, the new starter for my sourdough bread. Pedro was given to me by my friend Emma who got it from her friend Nicole. I love that each mother/starter has a name and that we joke and refer to them by name.


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