Tuesday, 30 December 2014

My Daily Brew

I am a creature of habit. And I have a habit, a serious habit. Coffee. First thing in the morning is a given and other times as the need or social activities dictate. There would hardly ever be a day when I do not go out for coffee, in fact the only times I can recall not having a morning coffee are Christmas Day -there was  no cafe open and when having some surgery - no food or drink permitted.

My usual haunt, A Spot for Joe is about a ten minute walk - perfect, coffee and exercise!

Those who know me well know where I go and about what time and will turn up. If you go to the same place at approximately the same time each day you get to know other regulars. Some quite good friendships have developed from my habit.

Mostly I have coffee with this guy,

Sometimes I meet with friends

and sometimes I take the neighbour's dog

So many new coffee places have opened up that it would seem that there other similarly addicted folk.

Box Office operates from a shipping container

Coffee Cartel  has opened a new venue nearby called  Brew Bar on James St. It has a converted container for additional seating. 

An iced coffee is great for afternoon tea on a hot day

Good food can be had.

This delicious croissant and the coffee with the gorgeous swan art pictured above  from Pakington Pantry my Sunday morning haunt and the place where I meet 'the girls' for lunch.

 I am always happy to spend a little time, sipping my coffee, reading the paper, relaxing and enjoying the buzz. 

This drawing sums it up

The coffee art is not important but it is nice to feel the love!

I check out the coffee places wherever I go, clearly, I am not alone in my habit.

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